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When we talk about exoticism and diverse varieties of food, Asian cuisine must come to mind. Asian cuisine has it all: the sourness, the spiciness, the sweetness, and also the saltiness that tastefully compliment one another in a single meal. Started in December 2009 by a young chef who’s really passionate in cooking, weon at Stirfry’d decided to bring in varieties of different flavours from several Asian countries that everyone can enjoy. Our menu is dominated by Chinese food, followed by Thai, Indian, Singaporean, and Indonesian/Malaysian food. One of our aims is to provide healthy food to our customers; therefore, we also provide selections of GLUTEN FREE sauces, LOW CARB meals, and BROWN RICE to our customers who aim for healthier choice of food.


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At Stirfry'd, you can add extra protein and veggie to your plate. Also, you can choose to have brown rice and low carb sauces for a healthier choice of food. Let’s spice up your dish with healthier and lower calories of food with Stirfry’d!

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